Visual Updates June 12, 2014

In version 1.0, the initial loading of the graph was messy and unorganized. Nodes were placed randomly in the application, and it was very difficult to read names or tell which nodes were connected to which.

Version 1.0 Startup

An example of what initial start-up of tool looked like in version 1.0

Additionally, adding new nodes did not work! This meant it would be very difficult to update the tool with new movements.

As of today, adding new nodes is functional and some bugs associated with connecting two nodes using this graph interface are fixed. Some changes were also made to the visual layout of the nodes in this section of the tool, and a few bugs related to the actual diary generation part of the tool have been fixed.

New startup Selected one

What tool looks like on start-up now, and visibility is improved by only showing the arrows for the nodes that are selected


    • Nodes now drawn as circles with borders, text changed to black
    • Changed way that arrows choose end position so that it is easier to see which node is being connected
    • Fixed adding new nodes
    • Fixed connecting two nodes
    • Now named
    • Removed portions of extraneous code that served no purpose
    • Fixed so that no longer requires start and end loop as nodes in graph for loop functionality
    • Changes to make code more easily readable